A Real Masterpiece of Art – Making of the Largest Wood Relief

Coming to Life on the Blockchain as an Exclusive NFT Edition

“My friend Ali asked me if I could imagine releasing this artwork as an NFT Artwork. I had heard of NFTs but had never looked into it. Releasing BACCHANAL digitally as an artwork as well made me very curious. With NFT, the image becomes even more immortal, that’s what fascinates me as an artist. Also, the possibility to arrange the NFTs differently (e. g. several NFTs next to or under each other) is very exciting for me as an artist. This in turn creates picture segments as their pictures, as their work of art. Every NFT owner has a part in the BACCHANAL, which is wonderful.”

And now, for the first time, this monumental relief is being transformed into an exclusive collection of 160 NFTs. This masterpiece is breathtaking 15 meters wide and 6 meters high and stunningly combines Klein’s creativity. With its detail and expert craftsmanship, this relief is a testament to the skill and talent of the artist. Now you have the opportunity to own a piece of history – one of the largest reliefs in the world by the famous artist Jean-Yves Klein will be available as an exclusive NFT in an edition of only 160 pieces.

By combining real art with NFTs, collectors have the opportunity to own a unique object that is both tangible and digital. This not only increases the value of the artwork but also creates a new level of engagement and interactivity with the artwork. Experience the best of both worlds by owning a piece of real art with a corresponding NFT. Get ready to embark on a new and exciting journey in the world of art collecting.

BACCHANAL – One of the Greatest Masterpieces of Art

The book BACCHANAL reflects the significance and relevance of his eponymous artwork by Jean-Yves Klein in a unique way. Written in 2009 by renowned art critic and expert Wolfgang Schöddert, it serves as a comprehensive presentation and analysis of the famous artwork, which is considered a masterpiece of modern art. In the book, readers are taken on a journey through the sensual world of BACCHANAL. It offers not only a detailed description of the artwork itself, but also a comprehensive background story about the artist, his inspiration, and the cultural context in which the work was created.

The viewpoints of the author and the artist in the interview provide the reader with insight, food for thought, and encourage a personal engagement with the work. BACCHANAL by Jean-Yves Klein is an inspiring and enlightening book that gives the reader background information on the artwork. It conveys a deep appreciation for Jean-Yves Klein’s extraordinary work and is an indispensable addition to any art library and a true treasure for art enthusiasts.